With so many different colours, styles and textures to choose from in our variety of ranges, we’re sure you’ll find a carpet solution that meets your style needs, fits your budget, and is practical for the space.

Robert Malcolm Fendalton 70oz, Remuera 55oz and Roseneath 36oz

This cut pile carpet provides a luxurious finish and is a dream to walk on. With a wide choice of modern colours, Fendalton offers a solution for any room. Made from Cromosoft Solution Dyed Nylon, this carpet is an excellent option in any New Zealand home.

$45 – $74 per sqm.

Ponsonby 53oz Thorndon 70oz

The tight construction combined with our exclusive Cromosoft Solution Dyed Nylon make this the perfect carpet for New Zealanders who require Elegance, Comfort and Performance.

$61 – $74 per sqm.

Paihia 34oz Cambridge 48oz

This collection is inspiring, refreshing, and timeless and most importantly brings great performance to your home.

$42 – $49 per sqm.

Avenue 37oz Boulevard 46oz Crescent 66oz

These are divinely plush solution dyed nylon carpets that will be a comfortable and luxurious addition to your home. Affordable carpets with stain and fade resistant properties that’s easy to clean and maintain.

$53 – $96 per sqm.

Westminster 36oz Hilton 59oz

True luxury, these take carpet to new heights of comfort and sophistication. These elegant cut-pile carpets offer plush softness underfoot and provide superior sound absorption properties. Made from Premium Solution Dyed Nylon, these carpets are stain proof, fade proof, anti-allergenic with outstanding performance.

$76 – $120 per sqm.

Tango 24oz Delta 36oz Bravo 48oz

This carpet is an excellent choice for comfort, performance and style. Made from Stainproof Solution Dyed Nylon with a premium FusionBac backing, its stain proof and fade proof with colours chosen to compliment current interior designs and colour schemes. With three different weights to choose from to perfectly suit your home.

$37 – $59 per sqm.

Coastal 28oz Inner Urban 38oz Elevate 55oz

Urban Collections solution dyed nylon carpets are lush and offer a unique flooring feel that looks great and fresh for years. They can withstand heavy traffic, harsh sunlight, and spills. They are durable and can handle changing environments easily. To view the full range of the colours pop into our showroom.

$34 – $49 per sqm.

Paparoa 31oz 37oz 48oz

This is a great range for a smaller budget. Providing you with comfort and style this is a great durable carpet.

$34 – $49 per sqm.

Hook River 40oz Misty River 48oz Stony River 60oz

These carpets are perfect for busy family living with a perfect blend of softness underfoot and built-in resilience. It offers a spectrum of carpet colours that are sure to compliment or be the highlight of your interior space.

$61 – $77 per sqm.

Bonita 48oz Calluna 70oz

A range of cut pile twist carpets in warm to dark neutral tones. Made from solution dyed nylon, soft underfoot and stain resistant.

$68 – $86 per sqm.

Cable Bay 38oz Okiwi Bay 55oz Ruby Bay 75oz

A soft carpet with built-in stain resistance, a range of cut pile twist carpets made from solution dyed nylon ideal for busy family homes.

$62 – $96 per sqm.

Valenciana 5kg 7kg 9kg

Great 2 ply hard twist cut pile carpets. Perfect for heavy duty residential areas.

$37 – $60 per sqm.

Casa Bella 5kg 7kg 9kg

Great 2 ply hard twist cut pile carpets. Perfect for heavy duty residential areas.

$37 – $60 per sqm.


The textured twist of this heavy-weight wool twist subtlety plays with light to create a calm lustre that will keep looking good for years to come.


Our Takitimu carpet range is inspired by our farms that are deep down south, with rich colours in a cut pile heather twist.  The carpets in this range are up for heavy usage.  These carpets are not scared of dirt. They are great for those who live an outdoor lifestyle or have pets.


The Otapiri range is inspired by the rolling sheep dotted hills that surround the Otapiri farm. The textured loop pile in these carpets provide luxurious depth. It’s carpet for clever people. Your toes will sink into the woolly luxury and your smile will become a permanent fixture. As you bounce through your home you will feel smug knowing you have invested wisely in your family’s wellbeing and helped nature at the same time.


Wools of New Zealand’s heaviest, most luxurious, toe snuggling carpet. Drawing inspiration from the colours of the Otago region, this simple little range is big on luxury and big on comfort.

Melford Hills

The warm earthy tones in our Melford Hills range are inspired by the dramatic South Island landscape. This is our chunky and bumpy, yet delightfully tailored and charming offer. The sumptuous texture will enhance the air and sound quality in your home.  The ideal carpet for watching the sheep trials.

Mt Peel

Inspired by the dramatic landscape of Mt Peel station this is a carpet for people who love the planet and love their family.  Each colour is crafted with multiple coloured fibres into a heathered blend and complimented with a stipple effect yarn. Mt Peel is charming, luxuriously comfortable yet casual and inviting.  Best of all, the wool is sustainably on NZ farms, so it doesn’t cost the earth.


The Wairere range takes inspiration from a magnificent farm in the Masterton region of the North Island. The classic colours in this range give a foundation for a large variety of interior design choices. A great carpet for anyone wanting to bring nature home in a way that won’t cost the earth.


The PA ITI range is made up of deliciously dark and some not so dark, greys. Perfect for those especially concerned with their carpet’s long term appearance. The carpets in this range are hard twist cut piles. Made low and dense to handle an extra hard life. You will own this carpet for a very long time, which is why the colours are made adaptable to any style.

Tatami Twist

Tatami Twist is an innovative Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend carpet that offers unrivalled luxury and is available in eight contemporary colours. This cut pile twist is crafted from naturally renewable Wool and Bamboo Fibre blend with impeccable construction for a look that lasts.


This high quality wool carpet is warm, soft and luxurious with natural durable qualities. Crevelli is available in a rich range of colours that will bring life and luxury to your home interiors. Crevelli’s luxurious finish makes it ideal for living areas, bedrooms and family homes.


Salisbury is a chunky wool carpet that complements today’s rustic and handcrafted decorator styling, Salisbury is available in seven classic neutrals in the ancient hues of the stone age. Soft and texturally pleasing underfoot, this high low loop pile will add contrast to a range of interior design finishes and furnishings.

Scenic Rise 60oz

With superior softness that has to be felt to be believed, Scenic Rise delivers performance and a luxurious feel. Available in a wide range of colours and able to be cleaned with only cold water, Scenic Rise is designed with today’s busy households in mind.

$71.58 per sqm.

Mountain Chalet

With superior softness that has to be felt to be believed,Mountain Chalet delivers performance and a luxurious feel. Available in a carefully selected range of colours and able to be cleaned with only cold water Mountain Chalet is the perfect floor-covering for your space.

$59.56 per sqm.